Win 7 Advice

After you have downloaded and installed the Win 7 Beta theme backboard will prompt you to respring after your device resprings you might want to go into winterboard and unselect your theme that you already have installed then let your device repsring then the apps should work with the Win 7 theme from Backboard I just figured this out and figured I’d share my findings out with you guy’s.

If you do not have the Win 7 theme and you want it make sure 1. You have backboard installed & 2. go into Safari and type in this in the address bar backboard:// http://wyndrepo. googlecode.com/files /OS7Beta.zip
after you press go Backboard will open up and will ask you if you are sure you want to download the link tap Yes then you will get another message tap confirm then before you install the Win 7 theme remember you mihgt want to uninstall your previous theme then go back into Backboard and install OS 7

Good luck hope this helps you out :thumbsup: :cheers: :2guns: :lol:


So many people wonder how do I make a winterboard theme well there is a solution with iDesigner it’s free and easy to learn how to use.

1st you will need to download this you will need it in order for iDesigner to work.

2nd you can download iDesigner from here just look at the bottom of the page and it will say download now.

3rd to learn how to make a icon dock watch this vid-for photoshop users this vid is for gimp users, this vid is for fireworks users.

4th to make your icons watch this vid for photoshop users, for gimp users watch this vid.

After all of that you can have the theme zipped to where ever you want it and have it ssh’d to your device just make sure you configure the ssh options.

If you want to have your own repo for free then click this link and sign up with the site and how your own themes,tweaks,mods,app all on one site.


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